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An original member of the Megatones, Harry provides lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion and harmonicas. Spending most of his young life in Atlanta and Nashville, he was influenced by rock/blues groups like the Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, and the Who, as well as bluegrass/folk of Tony Grisman, the Eagles and the Grateful Dead. He got his professional music start doing with solo guitar/singer gigs in Nashville clubs, next moving and playing for several years in Boulder, Colorado, until eventually landing in the bay area in the late 80's.

After a few initial shows with the group the Extremes, he and friends Dick Sillman and Joe Bac formed the earliest incarnation of the Megatones, with drummer Pat Greene and bassist Dave Buchanan. Ken Stollman soon replaced Dave on bass, with Mike Wills joining on drums, and the band quickly established itself as one of the premier cover bands in the bay area, headlining big parties at the Hearst Castle and the Mark Hopkins Hotel SF, and playing innumerable shows at local clubs. Guitarist Mike Sult joined in 2004, creating the band's current lineup.


  • Gibson Chet Atkins SST Electric Acoustic
  • Alesis Compression & Reverb/Chorus effects units
  • Shure SLX Wireless with SM58
    Latin Percussion Maracas, Guiros, Afuche Cabasa, Tamborines, Tail cabasa, Vibra-slab, eggs.....
  • Hohner Harmonicas


“I play an acoustic electric to distinguish my sound from the lead electric guitar and avoid 'wall of guitars'. I use the Chet because it handles stage volumes without feedback and is pretty robust for jumping around. While not a true acoustic sound, running it through the effects it creates something that works for rock bands and handles the rigors of regular shows...
The wireless mic allows me to walk out and interact with the dancing hoards, it's a ton of fun! When purchasing percussion, I always get the very largest pieces, whether its maraccas, afuche cabasas, guiro's just so that they can cut through with the band.”

Favorite contemporary acts: Los Lonely Boys, Chili Peppers, OK Go, U2, Neil Finn (or the newly reformed Crowded House), Chris Issak

Rules for a good show

  • Positive psyche
  • High energy
  • New tunes to play
  • No windsurfing before the gig
Mike Sult
Mike Wills