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Ken Stollman

Ken pic

As a young boy growing up in the Los Angeles area, Ken's grandparents used to go to Mexico a few times a year. On one fateful trip they returned with a couple of guitars that his parents had asked for so they could play folk music which was popular at the time. Ken and his brother really took to the guitars and started studying clasical and flamenco music. Everything changed when he saw the Beatles on television and Paul McCartney playing bass. From that point forward all he wanted was to play the bass, so his father got him one and he's been a "bass player" ever since.

A couple of years later, Ken and his family moved to Michigan and he played in bands throughout high school performing at dances and parties. As he got older, Ken and his two brothers formed a band, writing their own songs and touring all over Michigan, Ohio and down south to Atlanta playing clubs, concerts and recording in studios.

Moving to the Bay Area in 1989, Ken got involved with the music scene and was soon playing the clubs and meeting musicians in the Silicon Valley. In 1992 he auditioned with the Megatones and landed the gig replacing the original bass player. He has been a part of the ever evolving sound of the group ever since, inputing his own special brand of bass playing helping to make the band a popular fixture in the local music scene.


  • Zon Legacy Elite 4 string bass, 1976 Fender Precision bass, Ampes SVT pro 4 Hybred amp
  • SWR Goliath III 4x10 speaker cabinet
  • SWR Big Ben 1x15 speaker cabinet
  • Boss OC 2 octave pedal, Korg bass tuner.


"I like a very 'clean' sound so I change my strings often and the gear I use makes a huge contribution to my sound. I try and make the sound 'thump' by coordinating with the drummer to motivate the dancers to move their feet."

Rules for a good show

  • Relax
  • Do some warm-up excercises to loosen the fingers
  • Don't let personal matters interfere with the performace
  • Give it all I've got!
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