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Jason Moss

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Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Jason Moss grew up in Oregon following his family's relocation to Eugene in 1976. Influenced by hard rock and guitarists such as Jimmy Page and Ace Frehley, Moss taught himself guitar at age 14, and spent most of his early music career playing in various Eugene cover bands and a group called The Impostors.

Following the departure of guitarist John Fohl, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies placed an ad seeking a replacement member. Already a fan of the locally popular band, Moss responded and, after being hired on the spot by Daddies frontman Steve Perry, dropped out of school to tour with the group full-time. Starting with 1994's Rapid City Muscle Car, Moss played lead guitar on all of the Daddies' recordings up to 2009's Skaboy JFK, including their 1997 hit single "Zoot Suit Riot". The band toured internationally and performing on the David Letterman show and Warped Tours.

Moss left the Daddies to resume his education, though briefly rejoined the group in February 2012 for two concerts in Washington, filling in for current Daddies guitarist William Seiji Marsh.

Outside of the Daddies, Moss has also played and recorded with the Eugene-based glam/hard rock band White Hot Odyssey alongside Steve Perry and the hip hop–jazz band Runaway Slave. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason connected with the Megatones and joined the group full time. In his spare time, Moss works as a guitar teacher.


Throughout his tenure with the Daddies, Moss alternated between a Gibson Les Paul, an Epiphone Broadway hollowbody and a Hamer Artist Mahogany, and most recently used Vox amplifiers.


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