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Mike Wills

Mike Wills pic

Mike Wills plays drums for the Megatones and was born in Riverside, CA. He found himself on the island of Oahu at the age of three, when his Marine Corps dad was stationed at Kaneohe. Growing up in Hawaii, Mike listened to many Polynesian rhythms that embodied the culture. In middle school he started on percussion in the orchestra. He moved from Hawaii to Allentown, PA and continued honing his skills in the school orchestra and marching band.

Out of high school, Mike started playing in different bands in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 1981, he relocated to Northern California and co-founded a jazz fusion band with keyboardist Jerry Ahlbrandt. “The Element of Surprise” went on to record a self-titled, notable CD. After Ahlbrandt’s untimely passing, Mike auditioned for the Megatones and has been the rhythmic foundation and backbone of the band for the last 14 years.


  • Mike plays Yamaha Custom Recording Series Drums. He plays a variety of different cymbals to capture that tonal quality that the band varied repertoire requires.


Mike Sult
Mike Wills